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The Barge

The Allure belongs to the top of the Dutch charter vessels for years . It was built in 1908 as a Frisian size cabinet of 32 meters under the name Rival. In subsequent years, the ship has been sold several times, rebuilt and renamed.

One of the special moments in the history of The Allure is the deliberate sinking of the vessel during World War II. Many ships were then used as a means of transport for Germany. The owner sunk the ship to prevent this, after the war he resurfaced the ship. A lot had to be renovated and rebuilt. There where added 10 meters of cargo space in 1957, giving the ship the current length of 42 meters.

The ship was still used as a freighter, but converted to the passenger ship ‘Allure’ in 1997. This name was chosen for a reason. It was the first ship with in each cabin a private bathroom and thereby set a new trend with more luxury and comfort for guests.

In the winter period from October to March the ship is mainly in Amsterdam Oosterdok as a hotel ship.

During the cruises there are two different rooms available. Nine twin rooms with two single beds and one room with a French bed. All rooms have a private bathroom with a sink, a shower and a toilet.

The Allure also offers a cosy lounge area , a common living area with a small bar. Outside there is a sundeck and enough space to enjoy the sun or smoke a cigarette. Dining and belowdeck is non smoking.

Book your room now. For the coming period, hotel guests can book a room between October 22, 2016 and March 30, 2017. For the cruise period, you can get information by contacting us or looking at the website

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